The F.Un.Story

We are F.Un.Shop, a little music school with big hopes and dreams for our students! We love to make each class fun, exciting & creative for each learner! 

It is our mission to nurture, develop, and inspire our students to achieve their full musical potential through a fun, enjoyable yet structured approach — providing each one of them with a lasting, joyful and fulfilling musical journey, a strong musical foundation, and a lifetime appreciation and engagement in music.

F.Un.Shop has been here for 16 years, and we have witnessed a lot of our students grow and progress in their craft.


F.Un.Shop started out as Faith UnLmtd.,a singing group that toured the United States for 6 months.

While still on tour, the group, mainly composed of music graduates, had a common dream of opening a music studio in Dumaguete once they return home.

True enough, a little music school — F.Un.Shop was established in 2002. From then on, F.Un.Shop continues to train and hone promising individuals both young and young at heart.

Being musicians and singers, some original Faith UnLmtd members and a new breed of F.Un.Shop teachers also continue to share music through various gatherings and events.

This is our story in a nutshell, and we look forward to becoming part of your musical journey.

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