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F.Un.Shop started as a singing group that toured the US for 6 months. While in the states, and anticipating their return to the Philippines, the group talked about putting up a music training studio once they’re home — and so here we are.

F.Un.Shop Music and Creative Learning was conceived as a music studio in 2003 by Faith Unlmtd Association, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit corporation, with the vision of promoting and providing musical training to the Dumaguete community.

Offering music lessons to kids and adults, teaching them how to play various instruments or sing with proper technique. Music appreciation and exploration classes for toddlers and pre-school kids are also available.

The school’s main goal for each student is not just to teach them the fundamentals of music but to make every lesson fun and encouraging for each one. Anybody at least 2 and a half years old may enroll in Musical Steps, a preparatory group class, while 6 years old to adults who are interested to sing, play the piano, violin, cello, flute, ukulele, guitar (acoustic, classical, electric or bass), and drums can enroll for one on one lessons.

It is the company’s mission to produce excellent musicians, and help each individual course through his or her unique musical journey. F.Un.Shop has been here for 16 years and has watched a lot of its students grow and progress in their craft.

Come, join the fun, as we continue to unravel our story along with your own musical journey.

August 31, 2018
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